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Online Dating November 18, 2010

I’m a single girl and its tough out here to find a semi-decent person to date soooo, I once again decided to try another online dating site (a free one that was recommended by a friend). It seems as though all the people on there are just looking for sex. I mean all types of freaks with crazy fetishes come out on these sites. The funny part about these sex fiends is that they get offended when your actually looking for a relationship. They seem appalled when you turn them down or say “hey I’m actually just looking for a date.” Like someone to go have dinner with or go to the movies with. Let’s be Frank (or Joe), women can have sex just about anytime and almost anyone, so why would I go on an online dating website to look for a sex partner? That’s for people who can’t pick up people solely based on their looks. No offense but it’s the truth. Another observation: the same people from other sites with the same pictures and the same information. It’s been years since I was on one of these sites so how can I bump into the same people? That confirms that they are just looking for new booty to smash. I’m not saying that there aren’t women on there looking for fresh meat but I’m just not one of them. And the more you advertise that your not looking for sex the less they believe you. It’s like that’s a code for “looking for a sex partner.” Am I missing something? Am I really that naive? Are these sites used for sex? Another major observation: insecure men! These men who don’t believe that I’m really single. They think something isĀ  wrong with me. No kids, no man, never been married doesn’t always equal crazy/damaged goods. I find that only insecure men ask those types of questions. My problem or issue is very simple: I just can’t find a suitable mate. What’s a girl to do?! Is there no other option? Is it different on those paying sites?

P.S. This is not a female looking for male sex partner ad!


All Sex and No Commitment October 11, 2010

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I think the hardest relationships to end are the ones with the sexual flames! You know which ones they are. The sex, amazing! Things are easily ignored and way too easily resolved. Before you know it all you have is a sex-relationship and the years are just flying by. Now that’s kinda of derailed you from finding someone else because you already have someone you have sex with, so all you really need is a meal and a movie. I think everyone has someone that they just have a sexual relationship with. You’ve been seeing each other for years, whether either one of you are in another relationship or not. Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes its the case where you guys just pretend your in a relationship together, when your together. Its like unspoken. Nobody mentions being with someone else but you kinda figure. My question is: how do you end something like that? Someone is going to get hurt. Can you really just have sex with someone for years and have no feelings involved? And when is enough, enough?

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love stinks October 9, 2010

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So, today I’ve spent the day analyzing and over analyzing my disastrous supposed love life. I seriously have met some “awesome” guys (none of who like me) and “nightmare” guys. I know it ain’t easy out there….but seriously I think there’s a drought of single, working men. Right now I’m crushing on a crush. I feel like something is gonna go super sour if we hook up. Plus I don’t even know if he likes me, like that. And I know I’m not being cool about it because I really can’t control myself. Most interesting dude I’ve met in a long time. Plus it always seems like the ones you really like, never like you. What should I do? Its so easy for me to fall in and out of love, or is that lust? I would like to be in a relationship but its slim pickings out there.
I’m also thinking of a past love, who everyone else would LOVE for us to be together, but we can’t. We are perfect for each other but not in this lifetime. Its like we know each other so well, there’s nothing hidden, and I feel that that’s our downfall. We have seen the worse and best of each other, and its kinda weird, liberating, and judgment free (to some extent). So its also like there’s nothing left. Maybe? Well at this point its also a tad bit too late for us. He’s in a “committed” relationship.
So its on to the next one. As for the crush, I think I’m just gonna let it take its own course. That is until I get the courage to do something about it. I’ve taken that approach before and I feel like men mistake that for “she just wants to have sex.” But that’s so not the case, at least not always. So what to do, what to do?

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