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All Sex and No Commitment October 11, 2010

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I think the hardest relationships to end are the ones with the sexual flames! You know which ones they are. The sex, amazing! Things are easily ignored and way too easily resolved. Before you know it all you have is a sex-relationship and the years are just flying by. Now that’s kinda of derailed you from finding someone else because you already have someone you have sex with, so all you really need is a meal and a movie. I think everyone has someone that they just have a sexual relationship with. You’ve been seeing each other for years, whether either one of you are in another relationship or not. Maybe, maybe not. Sometimes its the case where you guys just pretend your in a relationship together, when your together. Its like unspoken. Nobody mentions being with someone else but you kinda figure. My question is: how do you end something like that? Someone is going to get hurt. Can you really just have sex with someone for years and have no feelings involved? And when is enough, enough?

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