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Promoting Video Clips On YouTube November 18, 2010

Yes there actually is a strategy for YouTube that goes way beyond tags. You must know how to publish and promote your video clips. Here is the advice my teacher gave me (just realized I never posted it). Hope it helps!!!

  1. Always create a customized channel for you clients/company
    • Channel = the home page for an account. Customize background and color scheme.  Match brand’s visual identify
  2. Create custom content for YouTube
    • It is not good enough to simply add television-advertising spot for your client/company.
    • Create custom content that matches the style and format of YouTube.
  3. Tag and categorize all of your clips
    • Choose the category for your video clip carefully. Use carefully selected “Tags” = Keywords that describe a video.
  4. Promote your video with YouTube E-mail and bulletins
    • Leverage bulletins to post short messages to your channel or on other users pages.
    • Bulletins let you send updates to all of your subscribers directly from your channel.
    • Use a bulletin to announce your latest video, reinforce its message or even ask for feedback.
  5. Video Responses:  Don’t Ignore Social Currency of YouTube
  6. REMEMBER to utilize Key Social Media Goals Of:
    • Building Goodwill
    • Extending Focused Outreach
    • Relationship Building
    • Audience Engagement
  7. Join YouTube Groups
  8. Have Fun, Too – Think Entertaining Viewers
    • Your customers/target audience is typically looking to be entertained when on YouTube.  Have fun with the clips you post.
    • Clips should be engaging enough that they encourage users to share the clip with others YouTube Subscribers
  9. Think of these subscribers the same way you would think of your followers on Twitter or your fans on Facebook.

  • Nurture relationships with them.
  • Best way to build subscribers is to publish quality video clips, encourage commenting on those clips, and subscribe to others, as well.
  • Sharing clips on other social media platforms also works to help build goodwill, increase views and get more subscribers.



long time October 8, 2010

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a blog entry, mainly because school is over and I passed the class that I started this blog for. But now I feel a need to talk. Lately its been really bothering that I’m all over the internet. And by all over I’m talking about all the things I’ve signed up for and hardly ever used, like Hi5. Who’s on Hi5? Shit, who’s on Oovoo? No one of importance that’s who? I just deleted my Myspace page just because no one but upcoming artist and very irrelevant people are on here. It just felt like a chore going on there and cleaning out my mailbox, all these wackass party promos…pointless!!! So I finally just said why the hell am I torturing myself. I’m kind of feeling the same way about Facebook…its too invasive. Now don’t get me wrong I’m just as nosy as everyone else…I wanna see the pictures and whether your in a relationship and if so, with who? So I kind of feel that my Spanish side needs these bits of information. I don’t wanna do what those in serious denial do, “hey let me go on your page so I can see so and so.” C’mon that’s wack. I would love to use something that would clear my internet history. Like the time I thought it would be a good idea to join BlackPlanet. What a disaster/nightmare!!

So what to do? Who knows? Anyone?


Quit Facebook Day!! May 18, 2010

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May 31st is the big day! And it’s not just Memorial Day. On May 31st we are supposed to be boycotting Facebook. It’s Quit Facebook Day! And thus far 5,496 are committed to quit Facebook. I know this might be a shock for all you die-hard Facebook lovers, for me not so much, and your first thought is why! It’s the privacy issue. The lack of intent and respect that Facebook has for our data. They give us no option on how they use our personal data. Meaning: they can sell or dispense our information to any company that gives them a dollar!

Your probably thinking, “so what?!” A few people quitting Facebook isn’t such a big deal. But it’s actually more than a few people. Many web industry leaders are also quitting Facebook and finding new alternatives to communicate to people. Check out who and what their saying: More Web Industry Leaders Quit Facebook, Call For Open Alternative

Honestly, I don’t know if I would quit Facebook, even though I don’t like it very much. I’m still on MySpace. I don’t use it very often but as someone in the Social Media field I feel that its necessary to be apart of as many mediums as you can manage. But I’ll keep you posted as to whether I’ll quit Facebook, it’s just that I have so many family members on there. So I’ll see what I’ll do.

For more info check out: Quit Facebook Day


A million hits on YouTube May 3, 2010

Not true for me, but there is a way. People that participate in video sharing wanna know what they can do to get more video views. The answer is TAGS. Tags are keywords that describe a video. Tags are the most important part of getting people to watch your video.

1.You have to tag and categorize all your video clips.

2.Choose the category for your video clip carefully. Start by looking at how popular video clips in your category have been tagged and consider using some of the same tags.  They probably worked for the popular clips and they’ll work for you, too.

Example of Keywords : a surfing video might be tagged with “surfing,” “water,” and “waves.”  Users who enjoy watching surfing videos can then search for any of those terms and the video associated with these tags will show up in their search results.

Here’s some friendly and very funny advice. How to get more Video views – Featuring Megan Fox (AdoptaFeature Tags)


Wait, What’s SEO and SMO? April 26, 2010

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These are two online methods of website optimization. They are SEO and SMO and they can make or break your website. SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is an Internet marketing strategy; SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML and related coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove any barriers to the indexing activities of search engines.

SMO is Social Media Optimization. It is the methodization of social media activity. It’s purpose is to attract unique visitors depending on what the website content is. Social media optimization is related to search engine marketing, but differs in several ways, primarily the focus on driving traffic from sources other than search engines. This is all quite complicated, but very effective. This all means that everything you search for via a search engine or social media site such as twitter, will direct you towards certain sites. If you notice when you do a search anywhere, it’s like all of sudden you seeing ads for it on Facebook.


What’s an SMPR? April 20, 2010

Well, if your like me, even as a student of Social Media, I didn’t know what an SMPR was, until the other day. SMPR stands for Social Media Press Release. This is obviously relatively new to the PR world, but very necessary given the rise in Social Media. For an extensive look on How to Write a Social Media Press Release.

There are also several wire services that can help you with traditional press releases and they integrate social media optimization (SMO) and search engine optimization (SEO) for maximum results. PR Newswire offers a variety of services when you become a member. Their services include but aren’t limited to: editorial assistance; ReleaseWatch reports with links to your release on up to 20 Web sites; Multimedia News Releases (MNR); 30-day online media monitoring when you become a yearly member for $195. Another wire service is PR Web. Pr Web offers four different packages that range from $80-$360 per news release. Although PR Web is a bit pricey, they offer Online News Release Writing Tips that you can download for free. You can write a successful SMPR with these tips but for the maximum results, especially if your new to SMPR, then I recommend that you pay for the service. At the very least you can see how it’s really done and can go on from there.


What the Trend? April 6, 2010

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What’s trending? Why is that treading? What The Trend has the answers to these questions. What the Trend gives a continuously updated list of trending topics from Twitter. It allows anyone to explain why this topic is trending and why it is important to people. You can see What The Trend definitions on and in many other places across the web because their descriptions are syndicated to a broad range of websites and applications.

What I like about What the Trend is the simplicity and the fact that everyone and anyone can participate. You can even see what has been trending for the past 30 days. The week in review gives you information on what the trending topics were for the week. It also includes predictions for what is expected to trend for the upcoming week.

Current Trend Chart