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Influence via Twitter April 5, 2010

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Most people question how do you find people on twitter? How can they find me? Well, there are a few ways to go about this dilema. WeFollow is a user-generated twitter directory founded by Kevin Rose in early 2009. Kevin Rose is the founder of Digg. WeFollow is very simple to use. Anyone can tweet to @wefollow with hashtags that represent what categories or interest they would like to be listed under. WeFollow takes the @replies and then organizes users based on those hashtags. For example hashtags I have put myself under are #socialmedia #student #publicrelations. WeFollow only allows for five hashtags per person, which eliminates clutter.


twInfluence  self-describes itself  “as a simple tool using the Twitter API to measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics…” twInfluence explains that there is an actual difference between having a follower who is a bot or someone who is inactive, and having a follower that is followed by real, active individuals, even if its only 10 followers. There are two different rankings, which are calculated by twInfluence. The first one is “Overall Rank” which is in relation to all analyzed twitterers to date. The second, “Grade Rank,” assigns a value and a category that takes into account other twitterers with have approximately the same number of followers. twInfluence if very easy to use and quite informative.



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