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Twitter? March 24, 2010

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Most people are confused about Twitter is and how it works. I explain Twitter as a micro-blogging social networking site. Twitter is all status updates all the time in a 140 characters. Twitter has been around since 2006. In the last four years Twitter has expanded tremendously. Twitter is used world-wide and more people are getting into. Twitter has also developed its own language known as ‘Twerminology.”

I have a Twitter account and I “tweet” quite often. What I enjoy about Twitter is the fact that it is so simple and in a sense quite private. What I mean by private is that no one knows when you log on or off and they can’t see when you’re visiting their page/timeline. I absolutely love that Twitter topics are so random! Twitter is where I get the news, current events, and all the juicy gossip! I can no longer watch my favorite shows without being on Twitter. It’s like watching TV with a million friends! On Twitter you choose who you want to follow, and if you make your timeline private it’s your choice who sees what you have to say.

I highly recommend a Twitter count, follow tons of people, and start tweeting. The more you tweet, the more followers you get!

And don’t forget Follow Me On Twitter

For more information on how Twitter works go to The Twitter Guide


One Response to “Twitter?”

  1. Katie Valdez Says:

    I really enjoyed this blog. It simple to understand and straight to the point. The integrated short video was brilliant. If I thought there may b a thing or two I didn’t understand behind the Twitter concept, I have walked away without a single question. Thanks Vanesa, very well done!

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