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WTF is Social Media? March 22, 2010

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WTF is Social Media? This seems to be the question that everyone is asking. Let’s see if I can answer it in the simplest form. The best way I can describe, and how I understand Social Media is like this: Social Media is any media that allows for a two-way communication (Web 2.0). It is any communication via the web that interacts with you, while providing information. This interaction can be as simple as leaving a comment. It was only a few years ago that if you had an opinion on a company or news segment, you had to call in or send a letter and wait weeks for a response. Now you can go to the website, send a text, twitter, Facebook, or simply blog about how you feel.

Social Media has revolutionized the internet and the market place all at once. Now a company can find out exactly what their consumers like and expect from them. More importantly they are discovering ways to better improve their services. Social Media has become a new “tool” in marketing, PR, advertising, and sales. Through Social Media a company can reach all their consumers and potential consumers around the world for almost nothing. This in-turn has opened up new markets that were unattainable before.

As for the average Joe, that doesn’t own a company, Social Media is still a great way to communicate with friends, family, neighbors, even long-lost cousins. More and More people are making real connections with people from all over the world. I know that on Facebook alone I’ve reconnected with so many family members who I haven’t seen in years. Social Networks are the best for “being in the know,” with those you care about most. And the best part is that these networks are free and it can be done on the go through your mobile phone. This is what has my Mom of 58, who doesn’t even text, saying that she needs a phone with web capabilities. She doesn’t fully understand it all but she does understand the potential.

The following link can help further your understanding of  Social Media: WTF is \”Social Media\”?


2 Responses to “WTF is Social Media?”

  1. Just realized that I didn’t describe Web 2.0, I will on the next post. But in the mean time, in between time, you can read up on it here:

  2. Next post will be on Web 2.0 and Twitter.

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