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Who the heck is Vanesa Hernandez? March 21, 2010

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Hey Everyone!!

I first would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Let me give you some background on myself: I’m 27 and currently a Senior at City College (CCNY). My major is Advertising and Public Relations. I am absolutely fascinated with Social Media and that’s where this story really begins. This semester I’m taking a course on social media (was super excited when they finally had one) and our midterm assignment is a blog. I have never done a blog before and hardly follow any. So this is a brand new experience for me. I’m kind of excited and a bit nervous because I want to have good and interesting content.

I decided to focus my blog on Social Media, of course, and some PR. This blog will be about what I’m learning in Social Media. I found that most people don’t even know what Social Media is and how its works. Even when you Google it you get a million different definitions. And as for how it works, that’s the tricky and very interesting part! No one really knows how it works and yet the capabilities of Social Media are endless! So WE (and I do mean WE because I’m also learning) can expect to learn a thing or two on Social Media, I won’t keep any info from you guys. Feel free to contact me, I am Human! Let’s not waste any time, since the internet moves so fast, let’s get this party started!


3 Responses to “Who the heck is Vanesa Hernandez?”

  1. Almost forgot I love exclamation marks!! And sometimes I use Spanish (since I’m Dominican) words or phrases to express myself, no worries though I will translate.

    • natalie Says:

      This is great Vanesa. I’m so excited for you and I totally agree with Katie, in being interesting in something you have no clue about but i know that you will do a great job in explaining it.

  2. Katie Valdez Says:

    You make me feel excited about a subject I never gave a second thought to… Honestly I wasn’t aware of it’s relevance till now. This should be interesting!

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